Hey! My name is Sophie, I’m 17 years old and I live (and was born in) England in the UK. I started this blog to share my opinions on social and ethical issues or events which interest me and to discuss them freely and in detail. Many of my posts will probably be related to LGBT+ issues or things like racism, as I am a lesbian and person of colour (I’m mixed half black and half white, or if you want to be specific, half British and half Bajan). I also, however, may blog about any other interest of mine, which includes music, guitar, basketball, films, TV shows, books and really anything, all I want to do is share my view, opinion and personal experience to maybe educate or spark a discussion between people.

If you want to follow any of my social media links my Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram are linked below (none of which I use particularly often but you can use these to reach me if you have questions or something more to say)

Instagram – sophiem.16

Twitter – @sohopenguin

Tumblr – sophiem-16.tumblr.com

I’m sure I’ll mention other details about me in my blog posts so thanks for taking the time to read what I write and I hope you enjoy or understand whatever points I’m making, feel free to disagree and tell me your view as I would love to hear any other sides of any story. Thanks again and take care,